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Blind Company

by store_admin, December 10, 2019

very simply the company wanted a minimal theme. left and right menu set with logo centered. redux with custom card and grid pages, great load rate at 93/100. this theme will have further development for custom card extension and a great deal more.

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Ancient art

by store_admin, March 30, 2019

This is a modern yet classic style of the bootstrap 4.3.1 with redux framework, also comes with customise colors , custom meta templates for main shop , as well as contact form and intergrated map for ease of use. frntpage comes with featured and product loop for display of products built into redux-frameowrk. This is […]

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Aureum Horus

by store_admin, March 21, 2019

Aureum Horus woocommerce Theme based on my base framework and customization Change Log: bootstrap 4 Woocommerce framework conflict fix new settings for able/disable topbar and banner. new seo ranking New blog layout new woocommerce layout with single page editor (wp-bakery) Multiple logo for specific pages custom new page with builder homepage still have custom map […]

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Antiquities (Ancient & Oriental)

by store_admin, February 9, 2019

Ancient & Oriental was created over a duration of time, We created this site with an extensive list of requirements to follow. We produced the theme with all requirements met, and the client was extremely happy with the work carried out, This theme as it was based on Woocommerce, it has a lot of custom […]

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Falco Electrics Ltd

by store_admin, November 17, 2018

Falco Electrics Ltd wanted a bespoke theme with speed in mind, so i dynamically produced a rapid responsive site with his criteria in mind,
This theme is also for sale in our store, RRP £35 discounted to £20 at present

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UK Construction Support Services Ltd

by store_admin, November 16, 2018

UKCSS wanted a dynamic site with future proofing in mind as well as mobile first for all devices, we produced and developed their theme with that exactly in mind, within there time scale and budget.

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Self Build Advisor Ltd

by store_admin, November 15, 2018

Self Build Advisor Ltd needed a customized build easy to maintain, soI produced there site within the specified criteria and scheduled time scale,the sites schema was applied for optimization.

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